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I use a holistic, whole person coaching approach and, because we are all different,  I believe a model for good coaching is to hold my clients as individuals with their own process and sets of needs. My intention is to apply heart-centered coaching and use tools as needed, while holding a non-judgmental space for your self-awareness and growth.

Relational Trauma

Trauma Heart_White.png

Relational Trauma Coaching explores relationships (past or present) connected to toxic or narcissistic people that are negatively impacting your life. This coaching will help you gather information, create awareness, engage in potential action steps, and assist in the healing process.


Using a combination of different approaches, including lecture, discussion, coaching and experiential/interactive exercises, Your Great Awakening! workshops and trainings are a powerful tool in developing self-awareness and leadership skills. As with individual work, these programs have a holistic, whole person approach by experiencing and integrating all of your humanness… mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

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