My Story

It was May 28th of 2013 when the veil fully lifted. Years prior to this date I had known a change, a big change, was coming. I was curious about this big visceral change I felt, but I could never put my finger on it until this day. I only got pieces of a puzzle that I couldn't put together.

This was the day that I woke up! It was the day that my entire life made sense. It was the day that I realized I was connected in ways I didn’t know were possible for me. My five senses were heightened and I became aware of new ones.  I could feel and interpret energy that I could not readily see.


And I knew…

Joe Drogo

I knew that I was not an unfocused child seeing and feeling things I didn’t understand. I knew that my intuitive side always had a voice, I just didn’t listen or trust it. I knew I was experiencing someone’s physical, mental and emotional pain and internalized it as my own. I knew that my years of childhood health issues were simply just mismanagement of energy, avoidance and not being heard. I knew that I was able to feel and speak with the living and the dead in a whole new way.

And I also knew...

I also knew I felt alone. No guide. No mentor. No one to help me put into context what was truly happening in this new-found awareness. No one to show me how we all are physically designed to receive and transmit energy.  No one to tell me I was not going crazy! It definitely shook my confidence.

Like a gopher popping his head up from his ground hole, I tested my limits of vulnerability and began to share my experiences, but I still was not getting the answers I was searching for in my awakened state.

As I journeyed, I made it my purpose and mission to end the suffering this awakening process can cause. I found training to create structure, understanding and credibility. I spoke with coaches and mentors to continue to process my new energy. I read and studied. I honed my healing skills and explored new ones. I did the work (still do) and I now share all that I have learned with you to end your suffering in Your Great Awakening!

Joe Drogo