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My Story

Joe Drogo

As far back as I can remember, people ran to me for advice or to listen to their story, even strangers. After several profound life changing experiences that I only describe as an abrupt awakening, I found a greater understanding of myself, what those experiences meant and powerful healing as I worked with my own life coach.

I became fascinated with the healing aspects that coaching and other modalities had to offer and the whole-body connections that are made. I spent years (still do) studying coaching, the healing arts, body work, psychology and the science behind these modalities to gain a holistic (mind, body, spirit and emotion) understanding.

I’ve always been called to help others and I feel like coaching found me rather than me finding coaching. It feels natural, intuitive and aligned. I often acknowledge that my life experiences and past personal decisions set me up for the coach I’ve become.

Because I have always been a man of service, I knew coaching was the best way I could serve my community. I realize the greatest way to have the most impact is to “coach it forward” by co-creating conscious leaders and healers so that they can be of service to others. 


I believe we are all leaders and healers. We all have the potential to set good examples of what it means to have positive impact and empathy, believing that the heart is the center of all life-affirming transformation.

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