Life Coaching

Joe Drogo

Finding the right coach that aligns with you creates a space and relationship for understanding, insight, trust, boldness and growth for you to be the best, most fulfilled person you can be. My coaching programs are perfect for those who want to integrate their spiritual/metaphysical/energetic awareness and experiences to create practical perspectives and tools supported by neuroscience to help consciously navigate health & wellness, career, life purpose, relationships and so much more.


You will learn how to manage and integrate this new awareness and your abilities into your personal and professional life. We will break down what it means to be empathic (to feel energy) and to be intuitive and what it means for your day-to-day life. I will show you how you are designed 

physically to feel others, pick up external energy and transmit energy and why you’re not "going crazy."


Together, we will explore the critical things you need to keep your energy running optimally and you will walk away with tools to apply in your everyday life to keep you progressing through this process of self-discovery and bold authenticity. This program is a great way to begin or continue your awakened life.


It can be difficult to predict a flow of our sessions and ask that you hold no expectations or rigidity of our work together. I am a very unique coach and I bring all of me and my abilities to the table when called to. Many times, I have little control over what happens with no attachment to outcomes. When working with me there is a potential for:

  • Reading your energy

  • Tapping into past experiences

  • Channeling energies, including passed loved ones

  • Channeling your higher self to give it a voice

  • Energy healing and entrainment (transference) 

  • Triggering healing opportunities


This program is a minimum of eight sessions via phone call, video call or at your home (with travel fee).

New clients receive a free 20 minute session to assess compatibility.

Please click here to schedule your free session.

Total Investment: Please contact me for current package pricing.

*Single and monthly sessions are available. Please contact me for current pricing and availability.