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Workshops & Training

Joe Drogo

Your Great Awakening!

Your Great Awakening! is an interactive journey that explores the path of each of the seven main chakras in your body. These playshops are centered on personal awareness and connection to mind, body, spirit, and emotion in relation to each chakra. Many walk away with a new found awareness of self. Others realize they aren't alone with their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We’ll explore what your personal energy means for you through a series of fun and playful exercises, meditation, thought-provoking discussions, mindfulness, vision work, energy healing, and coaching.

You may experience:

  • An understanding of your energy

  • How you express energy

  • Healing

  • Heightened intuition

  • Releasing blocks

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • Balance

  • Unlocking creativity

  • Mindfulness

  • Purposeful living

  • Expression of the authentic you

  • Connection with self

  • Connection with others

  • Connection with guides

  • Connection with Source

  • Fun!

Because of the nature and individualization of these playshops, space is limited to 12 participants. 

Registration and non-refundable payment are required to reserve your spot. 

Your Great Awakening! playshops have been suspended until further notice.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Joe Drogo Florida
Joe Drogo Joe

If you currently have or wish to have teachings on the chakra system, energy centers and energy, allow me to bring a new level of awareness to your students.

I teach a combination of chakra and energy theory, the neuroscience behind these concepts, as well as integrating experiential interactive demonstrations. Through a series of playful exercises rooted in energy, science and fun, your students will have an understanding of the chakra system beyond the basics and bring new awareness to their practice and teaching leadership. This training also brings a level of connection, empathy and self-awareness that has literally changed lives.

Your students will learn about:

  • Their energy

  • The energy of each chakra

  • Energetic compassion

  • Decision making from each energy center

  • A deeper understanding through neuroscience

  • What stops us from being an authentic teacher

  • Intuition

  • Connecting with self, others & etheric energies

  • Energetically reading the room

  • Energetic boundaries

  • Being in the moment

  • Practical application

  • …and much more

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