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What Blocks Intuition?

Intuition is a part of you, whether you accept it or not. It’s a powerful perception tool that can be used to gather information, create awareness, come into alignment, create boundaries, keep you safe, and aid in decision-making. Here are some blockers you may be experiencing that dull this important system within you.

  • Being hyperfocused – Hyperfocusing narrows our intuitive vision. When we concentrate on something too intensely, we don’t allow our bodies to receive information outside of that focus.

  • Too much stress – Stress uses energy. The more energy you use, the less is available for other systems in your body, including your intuition system.

  • Lack of trust – When you are constantly questioning the intuitive process or dismissing your gut feelings, it creates resistance. This resistance discounts or ignores the information coming in. The more you question your intuition, the more doubt you place on this innate perception.

  • Boredom – Because boredom decreases the amount of important neurotransmitters that your brain needs for proper stimulation, a sense of cloudiness can occur leaving you with little or no clarity.

  • Lack of sleep – Your body needs proper sleep to rejuvenate and dump information from the day. Also, many people have active intuitive experiences during sleep. Sleep deprivation doesn't allow enough time for proper sleep cycles to occur, leaving out important parts for this connection.

  • Heightened emotions – When you have intense emotions (labeled positive or negative) it takes you “offline” so no new information can be received.

  • Personal interpretation – We tend to process our current experiences and the information we receive through a lens of past experiences. Awareness is key during this process. It’s important to discern the difference between the raw data being received and our past experiences entering the picture, adding a layer or layers of memories and emotions to an intuitive hit.

  • Attachment to an outcome – When we create an expectation or have a desired outcome, it greatly narrows our possibilities of what our intuition is saying.

I hoped this helps you navigate your intuition with some fluidity. Look for my upcoming blog "What Unblocks Intuition" for more helpful tips.

If you want to take a deep dive into your intuition system to gain more awareness and application, including the neuroscience behind some of these blocks, please reach out to me on the contact page.

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