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Are You Flawed?

Many times people use guilt and shame interchangeably. However, they are very different emotions. Guilt is feeling bad for something you feel like you did wrong. Shame, however, is the feeling and belief that you are a bad or unworthy person. Shame directly relates to your self-worth. In the book The Upside of Your Dark Side, the authors point out that your flawed acts don’t equal being a flawed person. We must process each act separately to better understand our actions and motivations. Guilt shows you care. It also creates boundaries to guide your future actions.

I have always said, it’s important to look at the entirety of who you are… your essence… your spirit. We're going to make mistakes, trigger others and try new ways of being. That’s growth! That’s what we are here to do. YOU ARE NOT AN UNWORTHY PERSON FOR ATTUNING TO LIFE.

If you are having trouble separating guilt or shame or want help processing these emotions, message me.

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