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InTune-iverse :

Working in the 12 Chakra System

Joe Drogo

In the middle of 2019, I began to embark on a path I didn’t expect to take. At this point, I had been working in the 12 chakra system for quite some time. These additional chakras (beyond the main seven chakras) are either new or have been dormant. They are appearing now to help support the new states of energy, awareness, growth and connection we are experiencing. 


As I started to dig deeper in my personal relationship with energy work, my awareness heightened as I  developed an  intentional ability to connect with frequencies/energy/consciousness not of this (3-dimensional) world. These connections felt very different than the intuitive or empathic connections I was having with people. These connections felt more celestial message driven and healing. I began to practice connecting with this higher vibration energy with intention.

Over the course of this practice, I began to receive almost daily transmissions of energy each with a message, which is called channeling. I eventually began to share these channeled messages of awareness, healing, and empowerment with the public on my YouTube channel. I still continue to post.

I love to teach and I have a passion and the patience for holding space for another's learning. Now, I offer to teach you this connection to a consciousness (via the 12 chakra system) with InTune-iverseCoaching. I will assist you with "tuning in," to support your new state of consciousness (awareness), to receive messages from higher frequencies, to access healing energy for yourself and others and to deepen your meditation practice.

Joe Drogo

Prerequisites: Your Great Awakening! Coaching Program & Meridian Energetics (or interview if not local)

When science meets spirituality and mysticism! Here is an interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is currently doing some amazing healing work in the meditative state. He talks about how other energies (beings) have presented themselves during his own practice, as well as in his workshops. It's a great testament to the experience we can choose to have when doing this work. 

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