School for Heart-Centered Awakening

You’ve found “the one!” He/She makes your heart sing. It feels amazing to be connected to this person. Your heart is full and open. You can read each other’s minds. Feel each other’s emotions. The sex is amazing! You’ve never felt such an intense connection. Then, it all comes crashing down! …But… but… this is your “soulmate”... your “twin flame." How could this be?

Little did you know, there is much much more at play than just your typical romantic relationship.

In these sessions, we discuss and coach focusing on the energetic and spiritual perspective around this amazing gift you have been given, called a heart-centered awakening. As we dig deep, you will discover this experi-

ence is about you and your potential healing and not about the other person or even that particular relationship. 


Heart-centered awakenings can be very painful. I know from experience. They can create fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, but together we will navigate this tough and very expansive moment in your history. I’ll show you how to take advantage of this powerful experience and make it your own empowered process. We will explore the bigger picture of what’s happening and what you are being called to do moving forward. This experience is not as bad as you may think and feel. You may soon realize, it’s all part of your soul’s great big plan.

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The Energy of Relationships Couples Coaching

We are here to connect, yet we are often challenged most in life by our relationships.

A majority of us are just repeating relationship patterns over and over without a true awareness of our decision making. We are often unaware of both the energy we personally bring into our relationship and the energy we create together, but times are changing! People are awakening... and the patterns of their relationships are being tested and forced to change with their new awareness.

Our emotional and energetic wounds, childhood programming and belief systems can determine the people we bring into our lives. You may not be aware of it, but your choices may stem from these parts of you.

The Energy of Relationships Couples Coaching program is designed to help the two of you understand yourselves and your relationship from an energetic/consciousness perspective. This perspective opens the door of deeper awareness, creating opportunity for healing and change, benefiting all the relationships in your life.

In each 90-minute session, you will journey through a series of exercises based from our seven energy centers that combine coaching, energy work and neuroscience to expand your personal and relationship awareness. It’s a great place to start when you don’t know where to start.

  • Minimum of 8 sessions

  • Can be done in the comfort of your own home via video calls or in-home visit (with traveling fee)

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This program is perfect for any partnership wanting to:​

  • Deepen the energetic (or spiritual) aspects of your connection

  • Uncover opportunities for healing

  • Co-create and define how you want to be with each other

  • Identify what stops you from connecting

  • Explore the learned relationship templates that have been passed on to you

  • Identify relationship patterns and why they don’t work

  • Solidify (or challenge) your relationship belief system

  • Explore the purpose and mission within your relationship

  • Explore compatibility

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