ICF Mentor Coaching

Earn your International Coach Federation continuing education credits!

Need CCE’s to fulfill your requirements as an ICF Certified Life Coach? Following the guidelines of the International Coach Federation, you can earn up to 10 hours of required mentor coaching to maintain your ACC Credential. You can apply these credit hours to your Core Competencies credits.

Intuition is a powerful ability! We all have it. Part of being a supurb coach is being able to pick up on what's not being said and boldly use that information. This coaching package is for coaches who wish to dive deeper into the energy and intuitive aspects of their coaching while strengthening their intuitive muscle and creating awareness. We’ll explore:

  • How you receive intuitive hits

  • Building confidence

  • Intuition and confirmation (the pitfalls of “being right”)

  • Holding the client's agenda

  • Where you stop being intuitive and go into your head

  • The lens you look through when using your intuition

  • Humanness vs. Etheric

  • The higher self conversations

  • Your fear, judgment and shame when using intuition

  • Intuition as a filter and a block

  • Agency and your intuition

  • …And much more

Hatha Class

Package A:

  • Receive 10 hours of continuing education mentor coaching to include,

  • 3 recorded performance evaluations of your choice

Package B:

  • Receive 5 hours of continuing education mentor coaching to include,

  • 1 recorded performance evaluation of your choice

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ICF Requirements:

  • Receive 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months, completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal.

  • The required 10 Mentor Coaching hours can be counted toward CCEs in Core Competencies.

  • Remaining hours can be in Resource Development.

  • Any Mentor Coaching for ACC renewal taking place on or after August 1, 2018, must be delivered by a coach who holds an MCC, a PCC or an ACC that has completed at least one full cycle with renewal.

DeLand Healing Center - white tree 72dpi
DeLand Healing Center - white tree 72dpi

CTI Mentor Coaching

Are you looking for a coach to fulfill you Co-active Training Institute certification hours?  Looking for a PCC coach that will allow you to dive deeper into exploring the energetic, conscious and unconscious, intuitive side of you? Maybe you are looking to upgrade your manifestation, healing, life purpose game, not only in your training but in your life? Maybe you want to get a little bit woo woo without judgment? There's neuroscience to back up that woo woo!  If you said a big "yes, yes, yes," let's talk. We found each other for a reason, so let's explore.

Packages are sold based on the current requirements of CTI.

Contact me for pricing.

DeLand Healing Center - white tree 72dpi
DeLand Healing Center - white tree 72dpi