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Your Great Awakening!: 

An Integration of Chakras and Human Consciousness

This is am LMT focused enrichment workshop where students will learn both basic and in-depth information pertaining to each of the seven main chakras of the body, including their function as a whole and separately. Students will learn the integration of chakra energy, human development, and neuroscience in connection to the four main bodies to include the physical, mental, emotional, and etheric in reference to personal development and bodywork. This will include the energy of physical trauma, emotional wounds, and the physiology of the human body in reference to human consciousness.


This is an experiential, interactive workshop with open discussion, including experiencing personal energy and embodiment, as well as other attendees' energy. Through a series of exercises used to evoke awareness in each of the energy centers, we'll explore subjects like grounding, resistance, ego, heart-centered activation, vibration & communication, intuition, and connection to self, others, and etheric energy.  We'll explore how these relate to massage therapy practice and the therapist.


This series can also be used to guide and create awareness around energy-positive collaboration and co-creation with the client using verbal and nonverbal communication skills to create a more positive experience for both the therapist and the client during bodywork sessions.

This is a 7 class series. Each class is worth 2 CEU's for a total of 14 CEUs. You must be present for entire class to receive credits for that class. CEU's are not awarded for missed or partial attendance. 

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