Awake vs Unawake vs Shame

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Download 11/15/19: There are some who will do the self-awareness work, connect and engage in higher frequencies and sit in altered states. That is THEIR way of being. There are others who don’t feel called to connect in that way and that is THEIR way of being, each equally important to the community.

There exists this duality… the awakened and unawaken. That’s just the way it is in this lifetime, but each holds value. It’s most important that we integrate this duality in a healthy way.

Whether you are awake or unawake, enlightened or unenlightened, aware or unaware… it is not for you to shame, criticize, demean or force anyone into YOUR way of being.

This has nothing to do with LOVE. Both awakened and unawaken can easily share love energy with one another. We came here to connect and love AND only YOU can decide what capacity of intimate love feels best to you, but it is not your job to force anyone into your comfort.

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