The Purity of Love

Council of Nine: Download 11/21/19

We don’t associate love energy with human emotions. We don’t even connect love energy with acts of kindness. On the human level, it is a great way to express the feeling that your have in your body and heart and we encourage you to do things like that, but we want you to know that the pureness of love energy is simply a state of being.

When you are in a state of love you are in a higher vibration and it’s emitted from your body. We understand sometimes that it is a struggle to hold that space many times because you have an attachment. If you are able to detached and look at love in its pure form, you will see that if feels quite different. We know that this is a difficult process. We know in your world this leads to much heartache, pain and suffering, which are caused by all the things you attach love energy to. It can be quite conditional.

We encourage you to practice emitting love energy without attachment, without any conditions, without wanting or desiring it to come back to you. Those are only the human aspects of love.

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