Observe Your Growth with Love

Council of 9 Download (11/28/19):

It is important that you take the time to reflect on your growth. Within that growth, see the energy of self-worth that you had. You saw yourself as worthy enough to make changes, create new ideas, express new thoughts and feelings and emit love energy. Those times that you took yourself to a place of peace, because you deserved it.

Observe of what’s ahead, but in the present moment, manifesting what you want and see for yourself. Take a moment to be on your observation platform. For many of you this might be the platform where you begin your journey, so take that first step… whatever it looks like. Manifest the next platform. Manifest the next step. Create observation without judgment with each step. Always remember the core of why you do the work. Do not let past experiences, wounding, another’s criticism or another’s belief shadow your worth. Remember that self-worth and love are very much connected.

If you are challenged in emitting love energy to others the only thing you need to do is emit love energy to yourself. Within that love energy, is a powering up of self-worth. Make that your first step.

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