Energy Healing

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Intuitive Reiki

Intuitive Counseling

Reiki energy is used to promote healing of the mind, body, and emotions by stimulating your body’s own natural ability to heal. Reiki also promotes relaxation and can gently unblock stagnant energy. 

The term Reiki is often misunderstood in Western culture. When Reiki was first established, the words meant Soul Energy. Rei – Soul and Ki – Energy... Soul Energy. This Soul Energy is built into each one of us, but is often depleted causing dis-ease.


I offer the hands-on and/or hovering traditional Reiki healing modality that was originally developed back in the late 19th Century by Usi Mikao. Using intuitive energy readings, you may receive messages of love, compassion and clarity from your own body or external influential energies.


The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it.

6o minutes $125

With any healing modality I offer, I believe that you have an opportunity to take an active approach to your healing. Some modalities are more passive than others. If you are looking for deeper multi-layered healing,, Meridian Energetics®  can address decades of unhealthy programming and imbalances.

Meridian Energetics®

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We each have many layers or "bodies", including the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the etheric or energetic body. The etheric body mirrors the physical body and it is said dis-ease and disease manifests itself here first, before experiencing it in the physical body. Meridian Energetics® allows the practitioner to access these bodies of who you are, to energetically adjust, move or remove areas of conscious and unconscious concern. 

Meridian Energetics® creates balance!

We all have a natural energetic flow or Chi (in Chinese medicine) within us. Meridian Energetics® promotes a balanced energetic flow, including our masculine and feminine energy, our expanded 12 chakra system, meridian system, and the physical energy our organs are expelling. The practitioner can access the client’s rhythm of breath and tap into the energy blocks located at different meridian points and correct the imbalance to create an even flow.

Meridian Energetics® unblocks!

When we become energetically blocked by a prolonged unhealthy physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state, the body manifests that block in many ways, including pain and disease. The practitioner will address these issues in the etheric body, where the block originates.

Meridian Energetics®  purges energetic toxins!

Many clients experience a sense of lightness, ease, and groundedness, all while being energized. A majority of clients will experience a sense of letting go of decades of damaging thoughts and emotions that no longer serve them.

Meridian Energetics® shifts!

You may experience shifts in your emotional and mental behavior, including reduced stress, anxiety and frustration, heightened self-esteem and courage. You may experience a deeper connection with your heart-center, including a healthier understanding and expression of love and forgiveness. You may release old patterns and have a more relaxed positive attitude. You and your practitioner will work towards greater self-awareness, the ability to unlock creativity and be mindful of overall healthier patterns of thinking.

Meridian Energetics® speaks!

Socially, you may bring clarity to your communication skills and overcome social uneasiness. Meridian Energetics® can assist in releasing past experiences of social or relationship failures and attachments and break the cycle of unwanted attraction of others to you.

Meridian Energetics® promotes manifestation!

Limiting beliefs can be a part of our comfort zone,  what is familiar to us from our own self-beliefs, or what we have been told by others. Meridian Energetics® brings clarity and non-judgment to what you, the client, envisions as the healthiest you.

What to Expect

  • Your first session will be up to 2 hours. This appointment will include assessment and consultation, as well as your first treatment. We'll determine your specific needs  and address those needs through the energy work.

  • Please dress appropriately. Comfortable, single-layered light clothing is best. You will be required to remove your shoes and/or socks, but otherwise remain fully clothed.  At no point will you be required to disrobe.

  • There is light touching through different hand placements around the body, but no manipulation of the skin (massaging). I will fully explain what to expect prior to the treatment. 

  • It is best to schedule treatments for a time that allows for low physical and mental stress afterward.    

  • You may feel tired, energized, or experience a light detoxification of the bowels or kidneys for 1 or 2 days after your treatment. This is a natural process of the body releasing issues, patterns, and vibrations in the physical form.

  • Everyone is different, so your needs, awareness, and openness to heal will influence how many treatments is best for you. Because Meridian Energetics® is a progressive layered process, the initial package offers three sessions over three consecutive weeks as an initial treatment plan.

Reiki Treatment

Initial 3-Session Package

  1. Initial Consultation & Treatment (120-min)

  2. Consultation & Treatment (90-min)

  3. Consultation & Treatment (90-min)


Maintenance Sessions (90-120 minutes)